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About us

TRIO company was founded in 1999. Company’s professional life opens with trading activity at Ozerka, Dnipro Central Market. It was here where we were among the first in Ukraine to replace weigh produce with packaged goods. It was a significant step in organizing high level food products trade.

Today TRIO – is a group of companies which are engaged in own production and sale of goods both in Ukraine and abroad, rice import, transporting services, elevator storage services.

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During activity development period we also built up our own fleet of vehicles to meet our demand for shipment of raw materials and finished products. In 2016-2019 the heavy goods vehicles were purchased and we opened a new services such as shipment for third parties.
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    Since 1999 until today we produce packaged goods under own brands like “Krupskiy” and “Babusyna kasha”.  Also we render such a service as packaging of flour milling produce and cereals for other brands.

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    In 2004 we launched own production of flour and semolina. It was a new stage in our development. This market segment was growing in this period. In this view in 2006 we ramped up our production up to 80 tons of grains per full day.

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    In 2006 we launched production of oatflakes and cereal flakes.

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    In 2007 we started building buckwheat factory.  Since 2009 the company launched producing process. It was another stage of our business development.

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    In 2009 multipurpose production line of processing cereals and millet was launched. 

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    In 2014 we decided to purchase equipment and build pasta production workshop. . In 2016 it was fully accomplished. As a result, we can satisfy the demand for all the flour and cereal product line.

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    Since 2016 one of the companies of Trio group started grain trading activity.   The company’s production capacity includes own grain storage house (elevator). It can preserve, receive and dispatch grain produce to other companies.

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    In 2018-2019 we came into Polish market with selling millet produce to several companies!  Overall supply volume accounted for 200 tons.

Mission and Strategy!

  • Our mission is to supply only fine products on the market, to satisfy the needs and expectations of our consumers!

  • Our strategy is to maintain our leading position in the Ukrainian market at the expense of product quality and unquestionable reputation!

  • Moreover, we are increasing our presence at the European market by new environmental brands development!